Thursday, January 3, 2013

My world

I write and I write and I write and I've just done it forever without much thought.  There are so many good authors out there, so many interesting takes on love and romance, on what a perfect man for the perfect girl is that I never really considered my take on it would appeal to people.  I decided to publish Rule because I never really finish anything I start and I never really gave much thought to the fact that people would actually read it!!!  I say this because I am in love with everyone that loves Rule as much as I do but I feel bad for those that don't enjoy the story as much because it wasn't edited by a professional.  Yeah I had a friend here or there read it but not anyone that would be brutally honest and tear it apart and fix all those little things that are wrong with it, I just never really figured folks would get on board with my story telling, I thought it was going to be a fluke.  So there ya go.  I don't know about redoing Rule but I do know that Jet will come out more streamlined and better edited because people that are willing to read about my fellas in all their tattooed and rock and roll glory deserve that.  So THANK YOU to those that powered through and loved it anyway, and SORRY to those that had to struggle because I am not an awesome speller and my friends are too nice.



  1. Hi Jay, I just wanted to leave you a comment to tell you that I finished Rule this weekend and absolutely loved it (minus the spelling errors, lol). I'm so excited you're going to continue with the series with Jet and Ayden. You have a really great writing style, so please keep doing what you're doing! :) (I'm not any type of professional or even amateur writer or anything, but if you do need a test audience to review your upcoming books, please let me know! I love reading these type of books!)

  2. Hi Jay

    I have never enjoyed characters more! You have a fantastic writing style, I was really in there with them for the journey. I am a big fan of UFC fighter Dan Hardy so I couldn't help but develop a soft spot for Rule. :)

    Keep it up... we readers want MORE MORE MORE.

    Stacy xx (West Yorkshire, UK - just in case you are wondering how far and wide Rule's fans are.)