Friday, January 4, 2013

The eye opening world of feedback.

I've been reading e-mail and the posts of reviews of Rule on on (now that I understand how it works mind you).  I have to say the way those of you that loved this book just GOT it amazes me and is downright touching.  The way you've expressed your delight and interest in this story and the characters is thoughtful and makes me grin, and those that weren't so into it I get that your criticism is valid because the book isn't edited great but I take it all in because I find that some of you are more poetic and more eloquent in your review writing than I am in my story writing!
I just wanted to say it's very cool to see what other avid readers have to say about it both when it's good and when it's bad.  I've never written a review for a book in my life and I have to say that being on the other side I see what a valuable tool they can be.  So keep letting me know what you think all you readers out there Rule...ha I'm funny :)



  1. I read this book in a day and thought it was the most amazing book ever I laughed cried and fell completely in love with all the characters can't wait tl read jet and hopefully much more to come :)) I'll be checking weekly to find out when the second book comes out


  2. I'm so not into guys with tattoos and piercings, but I couldn't help love Rule. The story and unique relationship was very compelling. I enjoyed this book very much and hope you write more. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this novel!