Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ROME!!!! Teaser Tuesday indeed!

I'm in a great mood today....so since it's teaser Tuesday I'm gonna break down and let ya peek at ROME...man finding a teaser that doesn't give anything away was super hard...no wonder big brother is on lock down!!

(My darling editor Amanda hasn't had her way with this yet so take it with a grain of salt that it's in it's raw and rough form)

I cleared my throat and leaned back against the sink.
“I was hoping we could talk real quick.”
And maybe he would go put a shirt on so I could form words and not sound like a moron.
He rubbed both his hands, hard, over his face and head and I noticed how really worn he actually looked. Those blue eyes were sort of faded and he had dark shadows resting underneath.
“Listen Cora, I understand. I’m jacked up, you aren’t into it, whatever. It just messes with my already overworked mind when you tell me one thing and then look at me like you want to lick me all over like an ice cream cone in the same breath. I’m trying to figure my own shit out. I don’t have the mental fortitude or the patience to try and figure yours out as well. I just ran six miles on less than two hours of sleep. I need a shower and maybe if I’m lucky, a nap.”