Friday, January 11, 2013

Let's Go Denver!!

Clearly Jet has a way with words:

He rocked back on the heels of his boots and spikes in his ears made him look extra devilish.  A half grin twisted up his mouth and it was easy to see why girls all across town were so in lust with him.  “To be honest I want to have sex with you, lots and lots of sex.”

I felt my eyes pop open wide and my mouth fall open.  I guess there was something to be said for honestly but I hadn't been expecting that.

“I also want to know what you’re thinking about when your eyes go from gold to bronze and why your accent gets thicker when you get upset.  I want to teach you about music and show you that you’re missing out just listening to that crap on the radio.  I want you to come to shows and let me finish what I started in the bathroom.  I want you to smile at me, just me so that I know you’re thinking something really naughty and really dirty and oh so good and maybe if we can get that far I want to take you to meet my mom so maybe she can see what a woman that can take care of herself looks like.  Maybe she can see that even though that piece of shit raised me I learned how to be an okay human being all on my own because you’re willing to give me a shot.  I don’t know Ayden, I want anything you’re willing to give me because right now I’m falling apart and I think you are the only thing that can put me back together.”


  1. When does this book get released

    1. I hope May but now that I have to really edit stuff it might slow me down. I'll post it when I know for sure.

  2. Damn!!
    I cannot wait for Jets book :)
    I absolutely fell in love with Rule & Shaw and I'm pretty sure Jet & Ayden are gonna rock our world!!

  3. Loved Rule, can't wait for this book to come out, you're a great writer.

  4. I can't WAIT for this book! I hope you add a little sprinkle of Rule and Shaw in this book too. I love them too much to forget about them.. :)

  5. Come on now like Rule would let his boy's have any fun without him!! :)

  6. I can not wait for this book!! I am rereading Rule and I just read it yesterday. It is right up there as one of my top 5 books!!

  7. omgggg okay I want this book out NOW ahhh can't wait and hopefully to hear more and more from rule and Shaw ♡♡