Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1 week left until you guys can meet Bax. I'm so stinking excited!!

I've never been more anxious for a book to release...ugh I just love all the things about Bax and Dovie...I really-really do.

Plus on the Monday night before release day I'm going to be hanging out on Twitter answering all the questions you may or may not have about the Point..it'll be fun!!
Use the hashtag #getbadwithbax and let's get to the POINT!! ha ha ha....see what I did there.


  1. OMG I can't wait to read this! I love the Bad Boyz - sooooo very sexy!

  2. Underneath all Bad Boys there is a little lost boy looking to be accepted or forgiven. Bad boys are good guys in disguise. Love them all.