Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Midnight Nash Teaser

I really loved writing a love story for these 2!!

Pre-order Nash now.
Available APril 29th.....

“Let’s give it ten minutes. Ten minutes, and if it isn’t going to work for both of us, let’s cut our losses and no one gets hurt or”— one of his black eyebrows shot up and a self- deprecating grin pulled at his mouth— “left hanging.”

“Ten minutes?” It didn’t sound like nearly enough time to touch all that smooth, burnished skin.

“Ten minutes.”

I could handle ten minutes without freaking out. Heck, when he kissed me the first time, it had lasted longer than ten minutes. I could do this, wanted to do this, but that didn’t mean my hands stopped shaking or the idea of getting naked with him didn’t have my stomach dipping and second thoughts trying to shove their way up from the depths. I talked a good game about letting sleeping dogs lie, but really I could feel they were always there, tugging hard on the leash. on the plus side, getting naked with him again meant I was finally going to see the rest of that tattoo.


  1. Hi! :-')

    I'm a Hungarian writer. Soon my erotic novel published with the title of "Spelled" (Megbűvölve). :-)

    Congratulations for you! You are cool. :) I'll read your book: Rule <3


  2. Loved reading the "Marked Men " novels. I can' t wait for Nash to come out! I pre-ordered it. I just finished Rome. I was in tears and on the edge of my seat as I read about the shooting. I would love to read and extension about the birth of Remy or maybe that will be included a bit in Nash. Is there a plan to write a book about Rowdy and one about Asa? I love this series!!!!!!!

  3. Jay, I absolutely love The Marked Men series. I love the fact that in your books "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so to speak. I fell in love with Rule and his passion and then Shaw's devotion to him. Before I read Jet I was weary because how could the series get any better? And then it did. I loved Jet's heart and his vulnerability. By the time Rome came out I knew you wouldn't disappoint. I loved his loyalty and the fact that "big brother" needed a shoulder to lean on and he found that with Cora.

    With that said, I am so excited for Nash. Seriously, I have it marked in my calendar and preordered. Through each book, I created a soft spot for Nash- the voice of reason. The yin to Rule's yang. Maybe because the good girl in me really likes the good guy in him? I am so ready to learn more about him and see exactly who this Saint girl is.

    Thanks for writing such a killer series. I hope this gives you encouragement and a little pick me up from all the negative voices.