Friday, September 6, 2013

Day #4 ROME

Thanks for sticking with me all week everyone...I think the final reveal is worth the wait!! I love Rome, love his story and I love the way he and Cora are together.

All the thanks to all my readers and an extra special thanks to all the bloggers that helped me get his handsome face out there in the world!!! I appreciate you and your love of a good book endlessly :)

I promised a peek inside if you stuck the week out with me so here ya there is a lot going on in this's really hard to find bits and pieces that don't give anything away!!

I hope everyone is ready for all that is Rome............

I should mention this is all unedited just beware of my spelling and punctuation or lack there of!

1 comment:

  1. Jay!!! Rome!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had a thought today that I needed to see if Rome was out! I thought about it most of the afternoon, but my internet was down at work and well, I had to wait until just now to check! JAN 14 is tooooo far away!!!
    I can not wait!!
    I'm sure you get tons of comments & emails, but I've emailed you in the past about all things similar in my life to Rule & Rome's life. My sister lost her twin brother about 4 years ago and I finally got her to read Rule. She's not much of a reader and I wasn't sure how she would feel reading something so similar to our life, but she loved it. Now it's Jet she needs to read - just in time for Rome to come out! (of course I've already read Jet :) )
    Anyway....just wanted to say I can't wait!
    PS. Rome's picture is so much sexier than I imagined him to be and that makes me real happy!!