Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wanna talk at me and ask me all the questions...

I'm doing this on the weekend I get my first root canal ever...This is the first author chat as well so wish me luck on both!!  Sunday Feb 24th, should be fun.  Add in pain killers for my tooth and lord only knows what we're likely to end up with :)


  1. Hi! I heard that Rule was re-released and edited on Amazon. I was wondering if it would be up on Barnes and Noble any time soon or in the future. I have a nook ereader, so I've been holding out. Lol. I really want to read Rule though. So yeah, just wondering. Thanks!

  2. Right now I'm locked into Amazon until March 31st...As soon as that's up I can put it on the Nook. Blame it on me being a total rookie at this self pub game!

  3. Initailly seaching for an English book serving as a foreign language reading lesson, I luckily stumbled accross your absorbing and great story.
    I adored and loved all the characters and was suffering with them and liked particularly the colloquial language. Great stuff! Looking at Rule at the cover you should have let him wear sun glasses! - because I very much missed the arctic blue eyed Rule from inside the book….. But anyway, this living history turned out to serve as well as a vivid lesson to me for better understanding my teenage girl and I thank you for that! Sincerely yours, Piroska

  4. Girl, I hope you finish writing Beauty from Surrender early! I can't wait for this book to come out....The first book was "Great"! Do you know if we will be able to pre-order it soon on Amazon? Let me know, because I want it.....Thanks for such a wonderful read.